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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 1, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good evening. a driver lost control of his car in the east bay crashing into at least one bicyclist and a pedestan. >> danville police say the driver was drunk. a group of people on the sidewalk managed to subdue him until police arrived. lilian kim has more on wh happened there. >> reporter: i'm at the danvil police department where officers gave us a run down of what happened. a young an under the influence hitting people and propty along the way. it happened at sevel locations throughout the town of danville. he is identified as 23-year-old man was driving fast and erratically in his red truck. he struck a pedestrian, a
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cyclist, a pole and two cars. the bicyclist is reported to be okay and expected to be released. others suffered minor injuries. witnesses are crediting from stopping the driver from hurting more people. they blocked him with their vehicle. police say t witnesses then physically detained the suspect until police arrived. >> he was very at much under the influence of something. he could hardly talk. his air bag had deployed and the impact on the front of the car was severe. so he was still driving a car with the air bag. >> the suspect is being held on $350,000 bail at martinez detention facility. he is being held oneveral charges. he wreaked of alcohol and wasdrs
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address. we have breaking news in the east bay, police in north richmond or the scene o a doub shooting. it happened on market and third streets. contra costa shiff's deputies witnesd the shooting. victims re airlifted to the hospital. >> a san jose official appears ready to reject a last minute offer to save the jobs of 40 san jose firefighters. official says the union plan doesn't come close. cecilia vega reports. >> reporter: laid off firefighters walked away with little more than these blue t-shirts to show ty used to be san jose firefighters. >> that's all we have left, but i'm proud to wear. >> it 49 firefighters are laid off. station is closed and three engines and one truck a out of
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service because the city and firefighters union could not reach an agreement. [ siren ] >> fireghters say the consequences could be deadly. >> if there was a fire in that community rit across the street today, where they would have enjoyed a response time of two to three mitts, you'll see seven to eight minute >> in last minute offer, they offered 5% pay cut and reduced hires. there would be no guarantee agains future layoffs and the union would agree to staff firehouses that could save in overtime costs. the plan may not go far enough for city hall. >> city officials say they are looking for firefighters to make $10 million in cuts and they say this current proposal fal far short of that, about $4 million. firefighte dispute that figure >> at this point given the budget situation and $118
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million short fall it comes down to the numbers. >> many of the firefighters who rushed to last week's fire that claimed the life of an eight-year-old girl are now out of a job including brandon. >> the crew that found the girl, they are no longer workin today. the girl that found the body, she is no longer working today. first truck arrived on the scene they are no longer working today. an alameda county judge is expected to rule as soon as tomorrow on the a.c. transit dispute. since then as many as 20% of the bus drivers have called in sick every day forcing route cancellations and stranding passengers. if the judg overturns the imposed contract it ll have no choice to lay off drivers and possibly eliminate servi.
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>> irani government wants to charge the hikers with espnage but it could be a positive turn of events. in an exclusive interview, their atrney says we'll get news this week they'll either be released or put on trial. shane bauer, jhua fattal, sarah shourd have been in bimbo in an iranian prison accused of espionage but nevl formally tried. but the three should be charged with illegally entering iran, that t violation is obvious. hikers attorney says iran has broken t law by holding them more than a year. he says if th are pout trial for crossing the border illegally it's a relatively minor offense. this week the hikers families pleaded for their release. >> it's been very difficult.
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this is as close as we can get. >> their place is not in iran. >> in 12 months the mother have been allowe one phone call and one reunion and said ty won't go back to iran unless to bring the children home. >> house speaker nay pelosi says she is not worried that democrats could lose control of the house after the november election. poll sfers sters and white house are predicng that republicans could pick up several seats in the fall. >> are you nervous about november? >> no. we have a solid plan, messaging and mobilizing the grassroots level and managementf our campaign. we have 2-1 advantage moneywise. we feel very confident about where we are. republican minority john
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boehner appeared saying more americans are listening to their message. >> i think it's clear that the american people are tired of job killing agenda in washington, d.c., they want the spending spree to stop. they want to make sure that taxes are not intermediate. >> he says republicans are having a good year but there is much more work that needs to be done before the election. >> a motorist working on his car sparked a fire the so-called crown fire. it's no 80% contained and crews hope to have it surrounded by tomorrow night. cooler temperates helped fire crews help get the upper hand. it charred 22 square miles of brush and destroyed four homes. crews point out the dage could have been much worse if the homes in the neighborhood nearby were not equipped with fire resistant roofs. >> environmental activists are spending seven days backpacking
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across yemite national park in an effort to restore hetch-hetchy valley. the group wants to restore yosemite's hetch-hehy valley befo the way it was in 1923. >> the restoration of hetch-hetchy would mean a lot to me and my family but again you only have a handful of opportunities to do something like this for the future. >> the marchers will follow a separate 45 mile route across yosemite. they will one verge at the hetch-hehy dam next saturday. >> what a bp executive says about eating fish caught in the gulf. >> and fallout fr last week's leak involving thousands of classified documents. >> and astronauts aboard the international space station are being asked to perform an emergey spacewalk. >> i'm meteorologt leigh glaser, we had 90s inland and we kept the clouds and 50s at the
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doug took a tour of the area. it's reopened to fishing late last week and some observers have questioned whether it's safe. he said they wouldn' have opened the waters if it wasn't safe to fish. >> netherlands completely pulled their troops out of afghanistan. 1900 troops ended their combat mission today. it comes at time of rising casualti. july was the deadliest month with of you troops killed. pentagon is trying to prott afghans who may be at risk afte the release of tens of thousands of documts released by wili leaks. >> this information puts those in afghanist who have helped us at risk. it puts our soldiers at risk because they can learn a lot, adversaries can learn about tactics and procedures.
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>> defense seetary robert gates also said today, only a small number of u.s. troops will leave afghanistan at the art of the military's withdrawal next july. >> nasa officials say the astronauts aboard the international space staon may have to conduct an emergency spacewalk this week. cooling system of the station suddly shut down over the weekend. nasa says the astronauts are not in any danger they will need to make repairs soon. the troubles emerged when one of ammonia cooled loops shut down. it en shirs the electronic gear doesn't overheat. coming up next, dead heads celebrate the life of jerry garcia. >> and we chase that fog out giving us a beautiful sunday. back to work forecast coming up. >> and a's lose a heartbreaker in chigo on one play. we'll sh you how. and pocono, horrendous crashes.
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thousands of dead heads are gathered at mclaren park to celebrate the life of a rock legend. ♪ >> that's right. today ficially jerry day in san francisco. there he is honoring the life and music of jerryarcia.
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crowds dressed in their best tie die. he would have been 68 today. the event was organized by community groups from his childhood neighborhood. >> great day to fly a kite the east bay. a viewer sent in these pictures. this is caesar chavez park. with the wind cooperating out there. if you have video you would like to share us e-ma it to us. >> and great day to ride your bike down there. >> that is such a fun eve over there. the wind coordinated nicely. we had westerly winds up to about 25 miles an hour.
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this i high definition sutro camera and the fog is moving through the gap there. a good sign what we're going to wake up to tomorrow morning. we managed to warm up a few degrees inland. 83 in livermore as well as fairfield. 60 in santa rosa. mountain vi 73. san jose at 75. cool 55 with low clouds in half moon bay. clouds you see them there and they will continue to push inland overnight. below normal temperatures will remain with us the next few days. then it does look like we get a little bit of warming as we head into thursd and part of the weekend. wall of fog off the cot and a little eddy right here, counterclock wise spin around point reyes. as we saw, that is ming rapidly d filling in towards san francisco bay d heading out to the east bay overnight
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tonight. overnight temperatures mid to upper 50s. this set up is going to remain the same. trough of low pressure will stay pretty much parked to the north of us. that is going to continue to bring us below normal temperatures for the next several days. latest forecast models are suggesting this will push on out and high pressure will return more seasonable temperatures. tomorrow morning, low clouds and fog will be with us and slowly peels back to just near the coast. 50s coastsi and bring temperatures down just a few degrees inland, mid to upper on 80s. south bay, after n of sunshine, 72 degrees. 82 for los gatos. it will be gray day for pacifica and half moon bay, tempatures in the upper 50s. palo alto is 74. san francisco dntown, 62 but
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near ocean bea, upper 50s there. hell for cloverdale. 74 napa. on the east bay shores, berkeley of you, 68 for oakland. 75 for fremont.ocations, antio d brentwood as well as out toward the oakley area, temperatures hovering near 90 degrees. as i head towards concord and day time temperatures in the mid to low 80s then look for 68 with overcast skies in watsonville tomorr. seven-day forecast, we'll keep on the same scene with below normal temperatures monday, tuesday and wednesday, upper 80s inland and low 70s an the bay, 50s around the coast. as the high starts to build in, temperatures will wa up a few more degrees inland. >> a's are out of town. >> that would be the white sox and you neve know what will be
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the difference maker. a's matt carn knows exactly which way it was. and he catches him looking. and wheels fell off in the fifth. here is his revenge, a sinking wider a matt carson misplays it a bases clearing triple a four run fifth gives them 4-1 your fina. >> victoria who turned 21 was the first evt defeat maria sharapova. the she couldn't handle the 21-year-old from belarus. and we go to set point. and shapova, hits it wide.
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and tk a toll and victor yar had sharapa on her heels and she wins in straight sets, taking home the $107,000 first prize. facing atlanta but they had other ids. we go to san leandro and lanta they can't find the back of the net. it was almost a solo effort. she was knocking down everything that came her way. great day by solo and atlaa had a shot but it was a gimmeeko but could not make it. game ends in a 0-0 ti they will make the playoffs but just not today. british open, youngest woman
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to win it. she ends up paring the hole. here a birdie putt on 18. slides by and she finishes ten other but she needs a five-footer and 21 years old younge woman ever to win three majors shooting a 37. >> fred couples and langer wound up tied. look at this. are you kiddi me? he gets a triple bogey and langer birdies a four shot swing. three unde 67, wins the second major of t yes, sir and couples finished two back. >> stuart appleby did it in the final round in west virginia. par 3, 18, he put a tee shot on it giving himself a shot at history. he would knock in th putt. three consecutive birdies to
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beat jeff overton by stroke. >> nascar in pennsylvania 500 at pocono, kurt busc is into the wall, hit sideways, his day was done. scary part, sadler slams into the wall full speed. engine was on the track. stadler was shaken up but not seriouy injured. he got out the car. greg biffle got the checkered flag, what a day. >> x-game, reynolds ripp off a 180 and then another 180 and handlebar twister and watch this 540. this with a '60 and twister. reynolds takes home the gold for the third straight ye. giants and dodgers tonight at at&t and we'll have both o those at 11:00 i know how you like the
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x-sports. >> apparently every move is an alli. alli. >> and inception has people
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alli. >> and inception has people on january 12, a massive earthquake ravaged haiti's capital, taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and leaving llions more without water, food, and shelter. taking the lives during our timehundreds of in publiservice,sands of people we've witnessed firsthand the extraordinary generosity of the american people in the face tragedy, here at home and around the world. and in the aftermat, once again americans came together in the spirit o our common humanity that is socharacterc of our great nation. but there's still so mucho do. we must continue lping those most in need whilalso focusing on the long-term recovery of the pple of haiti. plee join the clinton bush haiti fund and other organizations as we answer this urgent call to help the people of haiti. give now, becaus there's an opportunity for the people of hti to build what they want to become, not just ruild what they used to be.
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thank you. thank you. for the third week in a row, inception is number one at the movies. leonardo dicaprio thriller brought in $27 million. dinner spor semicductors came in with $23 million and angelina jolie spy thriller took third with $ million. >> that is i for "abc 7 news." i'm alan wang. i'm alan wang. ok. what if i just had oa small slice?e. i was go today, i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery icks and they wld cancel each other out, right? or...ok. i could have o large slice
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